Is Motor Trend good at Twitter? Grade

The social media marketing of Motor Trend creates a connection with the audience by feeding them up to date information. Motor Trend has multiple types of tweets that they use, some are conversational, engaging, informative and at times deal with promotional products. The most frequent types of Motor Trend tweets are informational tweets with some that are conversational and engaging. Some of the tweets that are conversational are based off of people experiences or opinion of certain cars. Engaging tweets make the audience feel like they are part of a community and employees at Motor Trend would gain perspective about particular tweets and would want to answer or comment on tweets. Motor Trend posts on Twitter several times a day as it engages more visitors and followers.


The last fifty tweets from Motor Trend contain all new information or video on current or upcoming cars. Most of the tweets link back to their website taking the user to an article or video. One of the other tweets that they have is retweets of news from upcoming cars from one of their scribe. Another tweet use is for endorsement for a headphone product. There is also one retweeted tweet of the new Indian motorcycle with an attached video. 90% of there past 50 tweets dealt with news about cars, maker and events that affect the industry. Example of this news is a first look peak at the next version of new Audi TT with a link to the article 6% of the tweets dealt with tweets from one of the scribers that post news about upcoming features on cars. An example of this tweet is talking about a Nissan press release that says the Nismo GTR is almost complete and will come to the U.S. with more detail at Tokyo Show. 2% of tweets dealt with products that they endorsed based on their opinioned of being the coolest gear around. An example of an endorsed product is that Motor Trend employees said that on the bus in Japan they were able to work peacefully with there noise-canceling PSB speaker 2% of the tweets are tweets about others thing then cars. An example of this is that they retweeted a tweet from Indian Motorcycle with a video of one of their motorcycles


            They have been doing a lot of right things with the use of their tweets.  They use many links, write relatable information, and tweet late in the afternoon. If Motor Trend continues to tweet at a regular basis, they are going to have responses and followers rate at a higher level. Motor Trend has a high rate of new information with engaging types of tweeting with a low percentage of promotion advertising. From time to time usually every company has to improve their tweets as their marketing strategies change all the time. What they could do to be more effective is to include more conversational and engaging tweets to have user more activate and feel part of a community.


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