A badly designed website in my opinion – Grade

The website that I feel is badly designed is The Leoneck Hotel in Zurich, (http://www.leoneck.ch/en/). The landing page does provide evidence that the user goals can be completed. But they could improve by creating a main page that has the most sought information such as pictures of the rooms. The essential content is available once the user arrives on the main page – links directs the user.  Information on the hotel should be on the main page so the user does not have to dig through so many pages. The essential functions are easily available to the user to access information such as to make reservation, the location and offers but getting information about everything else is more difficult to find and to improvement this function I would have try to combine the links of information together. A site map would be helpful to the user to track back or locate the pages their looking for. I would say that the essential content and function were given priority in the display. To improve they could have additional links prioritizing what customers are looking for on the main page.

No the category and subcategory are not clear but they are mutually exclusive. The improvement that could be made is that on the main page it could neatly organize the major areas that the hotel wants to address versus its current setup that requires the user to search around for what they looking for. With out doing so it going to uninterested the customer and affect the user experience. The landing page has some lettering but once you click on the hotel, there are arrows pointing around the hotel that oddly has a man standing next to the arrows when the cursor is over it. To improve the user experience they should just keep it simple. The items are classified in the correct heading but the heading should be large and all in one place on the site. The task flow is not efficient as there is no easy buttons to go back to the main page were to make the reservation. To improve this there should be a breadcrumb bar above the page that directs user back to the main page. The wordings are short and at times not clear as they are hidden in the page until the cursor is hovering over it. To improve this they could put the wording above the arrows in large font in order to be readable for the user. There is no area for keyword searches to take place on the site. Having a search option is necessary as it allows user to find in the site specialized content.

The site’s language that the site uses is easy to understand.  The graphics, icons and symbols are for the most part easy to understand. Their clicker icon should instead be a regular curser versus a cow as it is difficult to use as when clicking it requires the usually figure to be clicked on the top left. They need to keep it simply and plain white background for easy reading and for fast downloading. The text in the website is legible. They could use a sans serif, Arial or Verdana to give the wording a clean crisp look. The text formatting and layout doesn’t support a user to scan the page easily.  To improve the layout and text formatting is to setup the home page into three columns and organizing all the important information up front for easy skimming capability, to keep the user interested. The space is used appropriately to an extended as it is not all cluster together. The space could be maximizing by having in pictures of the hotel and where it is located in the main page.  Form fields and interactive elements are placed in the pages logically. The interactive elements should be simpler and label clearly as that is not as easily recognizable at first until the cursor is over it. The interactive elements do behave as expected but it could be improve by having less elements because too much distracts the user. The site does accommodate the user range of hand eye coordination.

The site does not present its privacy and security policies in the context except in the link to make the reservation. They should at least have its privacy and security page available on every place on the bottom. There are no clues as to the location except for that it is located in the heart of Zurich and the address on the bottom of the page. The site functionality does provide clear feedback as response to user action. An improvement could be to make the site simpler to improve loading time. The site does not provide contextual support, except for a number to call.  A F.A.Q section should be added to provide rapid answers to common questions. The site does not avoid and recover easily from errors as other sites do as the site takes time to realize how to go back to the previous page.  This could be fixed by providing a link to go back to the main page. The site performs well in the sense that user can use the essential buttons easily and it does not have any know glitches. They should research other competitor’s site and make changes to attract more customers. 


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