Motor Trend Target Mailing List Grade

The target market for Motor Trend is men, homeowners, average income of 69,000, average age 39 and have cars. I received Motor Trend target market information at Echo Media ( as it provided me the hard to find details that I needed to know. The two best mailing methods list in my opinion for this target market is Auto Financing – Car Loan Seekers and Car Deal Subscribers. The following information that I gathered is from Next Mark Inc site (, 39, homeowner, car&searchMode=1&prevSearchMode=1&listStatus=ACTV). The reason I choose those mailing method list is because they are dealing with groups of individuals who are currently looking for a car and may turn to a magazine for advice. The data is from customer based Internet and compiled lists that has access to in the U.S. Auto Financing – Car Loan Seekers list quality is great as it has a size of 85,628,306 people, this list was last updated on August 28, 2012. Pricing for this entire list is 175,000 while for Postal is 175,000, email is 125,000 and phone is 110,000. Car Deal Subscriber list quality is fair as it has a size of 1,678,795 people, this list has last updated on May 31, 2013. Pricing for this entire list is 80,000 while for Postal it 80,000, email is 30,000 and phone is 15,000. The “selects” options that should go with this mailing list is age, gender, income and homeowner. I pick these “select” because it matches lists that are the target market for Motor Trend. “select” means that the list can be separated into selected categories for an additional fee. The additional fee for these lists is 5,000 for each “select”. Each of the list could be used as a way to find new clients for the magazine that would have otherwise been overlooked. There are no policies and restriction that have been placed on these lists. The method of communication that is available is by post, email and telephone. The best method for communication for this target group would be email as it is cost effective and has a better chance of getting peoples attention versus a phone call that most people ignore or hang up on. Also the target market is still young and is more incline to respond to technology outreach then a phone call. Another method that I feel is the best is mail as they are visual.  You can see what is being offered and from there you can look it up in the Internet.


Is Motor Trend good at Twitter? Grade

The social media marketing of Motor Trend creates a connection with the audience by feeding them up to date information. Motor Trend has multiple types of tweets that they use, some are conversational, engaging, informative and at times deal with promotional products. The most frequent types of Motor Trend tweets are informational tweets with some that are conversational and engaging. Some of the tweets that are conversational are based off of people experiences or opinion of certain cars. Engaging tweets make the audience feel like they are part of a community and employees at Motor Trend would gain perspective about particular tweets and would want to answer or comment on tweets. Motor Trend posts on Twitter several times a day as it engages more visitors and followers.


The last fifty tweets from Motor Trend contain all new information or video on current or upcoming cars. Most of the tweets link back to their website taking the user to an article or video. One of the other tweets that they have is retweets of news from upcoming cars from one of their scribe. Another tweet use is for endorsement for a headphone product. There is also one retweeted tweet of the new Indian motorcycle with an attached video. 90% of there past 50 tweets dealt with news about cars, maker and events that affect the industry. Example of this news is a first look peak at the next version of new Audi TT with a link to the article 6% of the tweets dealt with tweets from one of the scribers that post news about upcoming features on cars. An example of this tweet is talking about a Nissan press release that says the Nismo GTR is almost complete and will come to the U.S. with more detail at Tokyo Show. 2% of tweets dealt with products that they endorsed based on their opinioned of being the coolest gear around. An example of an endorsed product is that Motor Trend employees said that on the bus in Japan they were able to work peacefully with there noise-canceling PSB speaker 2% of the tweets are tweets about others thing then cars. An example of this is that they retweeted a tweet from Indian Motorcycle with a video of one of their motorcycles


            They have been doing a lot of right things with the use of their tweets.  They use many links, write relatable information, and tweet late in the afternoon. If Motor Trend continues to tweet at a regular basis, they are going to have responses and followers rate at a higher level. Motor Trend has a high rate of new information with engaging types of tweeting with a low percentage of promotion advertising. From time to time usually every company has to improve their tweets as their marketing strategies change all the time. What they could do to be more effective is to include more conversational and engaging tweets to have user more activate and feel part of a community.

Investigation of (Grade)

Internet Marketing

Investigation of Motor Trend

For this investigation I will be using three sites Alexa, Complete and Quantcast


The traffic rank of Traffic is ranked 4,248 up 361 from the previous 3 months.

Traffic Rank in the United States for the is 1,488.

Number of visitors that are engaged to

Bounce Rate is 48.70% up 2% versus the previous 3 months.

Daily Pageviews per visitor is 3.05 up 13% versus the previous 3 months.

Daily Time on Site – is 2:50 down 3% versus the previous 3 months.

Audience demographics


1. Relative to the general Internet population, Males – are over-represented at this site. Confidence – is high.

2. Relative to the general Internet population, Females – are under-represented at this site. Confidence – is high.


1. Relative to the general Internet population, people who did not go to college – are similar to the general Internet population. Confidence – is high.

2. Relative to the general Internet population, people with some college education – are over-represented at this site. Confidence – is high.

3. Relative to the general Internet population, people who went to graduate school – are under-represented at this site. Confidence – is high.

4. Relative to the general Internet population, people who went to college – are similar to the general Internet population. Confidence – is high.

Browsing Location:

1. Relative to the general Internet population, people browsing from home – are under-represented at this site. Confidence – is high.

2. Relative to the general Internet population, people browsing from school – are greatly over-represented at this site. Confidence – is high.

3. Relative to the general Internet population, people browsing from work – are similar to the general Internet population. Confidence – is high.

Audience Geography

Visitors by Country

Country                                                     Percent of Visitors                            Rank in Country

United States                                                        56.2%                                               1,488

India                                                                       6.3%                                                6,405

Canada                                                                   4.2%                                                2,328

Brazil                                                                      3.5%                                                6,605

Indonesia                                                                2.1 %                                              2,896

Search Traffic:

Search visits – are 32.60% and is down 8% versus the previous 3 months.

Top Keywords form Search Engines

Keyword                                                                                                              Percent of Search Traffic

  1. motortrend                                                                                                                  .55%
  2. motor trend                                                                                                                 .43%
  3. maserati price                                                                                                             .25%
  4. Hyundai recall                                                                                                             .20%
  5. Ford connect 2014                                                                                                      .19%

Upstream Sites

Sites people visit immediately before this site

Site                                                            Percent of Unique Visits

  1.                                                           35.0%
  2.                                                       3.1%
  3.                                                            2.0%
  4.                                                              1.9%
  5.                                                          1.5%

Sites that are linked to

Total Sites Linking In – are 7,302

Site                                                                      Global Rank

  1.                                                             1
  2.                                                           3
  3.                                                               4
  4.                                                           6
  5.                                                            7

Sites that are related to

Related Links                                                       Global Rank

  1.                                                  24,382
  2.                                            6,413
  3.                                               15,672
  4.                                                        19,079
  5.                                                         1,414

Categories with related Motor Trend site – are Recreation, Automobile, Home, Magazines and Customer information.

Places that visitors go on

Subdomain                                                                    Percent of visitors                                                                    72.05%                                                             21.02%                                                          7.25%                                                         5.61%                                                       4.39%

The load speed of loads very slow (5.478 seconds), 95% of sites are faster.


Measured only in U.S.

Unique visitors – are 1,995,835

Rank (BY UVS) – is 1,086

Competitive rank (UVS)



Measured only in U.S.

U.S. Rank – 968

People on the site per month 1,572,631 down 10%

Audience that view also like


Auto News & Info                                                           93.5x

Auto Manufacturers                                                      14.6x

Auto Listing                                                                    9.9x

Magazines                                                                      9.2x

Auto Resources                                                              8.7x

Educational Resources                                                  4.3x

Car Rental                                                                      4.2x

Music/Radio                                                                   4.0x

Sports                                                                             3.6x

Directories/Search/Guide                                              3.5x

Baby                                                                                3.5x

News/Information                                                           3.5x

Travel News & Info                                                          3.4x

Home Improvement                                                         3.4x

Home Décor & Design                                                      3.3x

Overall, each site gave me an overview of Motor Trend as a site. Each site tells me something different as each site measure their information differently. Alexa measure their information globally while Complete and Quantcast only focuses on U.S. data.  Also, the amount of times that they review their data is different.  Like Alexa reviews their data in 3 months period while Quantcast does it monthly.  Alexa did provide most of their information in greater detailed compared to the other sites allowing me to know more about their market.

A badly designed website in my opinion – Grade

The website that I feel is badly designed is The Leoneck Hotel in Zurich, ( The landing page does provide evidence that the user goals can be completed. But they could improve by creating a main page that has the most sought information such as pictures of the rooms. The essential content is available once the user arrives on the main page – links directs the user.  Information on the hotel should be on the main page so the user does not have to dig through so many pages. The essential functions are easily available to the user to access information such as to make reservation, the location and offers but getting information about everything else is more difficult to find and to improvement this function I would have try to combine the links of information together. A site map would be helpful to the user to track back or locate the pages their looking for. I would say that the essential content and function were given priority in the display. To improve they could have additional links prioritizing what customers are looking for on the main page.

No the category and subcategory are not clear but they are mutually exclusive. The improvement that could be made is that on the main page it could neatly organize the major areas that the hotel wants to address versus its current setup that requires the user to search around for what they looking for. With out doing so it going to uninterested the customer and affect the user experience. The landing page has some lettering but once you click on the hotel, there are arrows pointing around the hotel that oddly has a man standing next to the arrows when the cursor is over it. To improve the user experience they should just keep it simple. The items are classified in the correct heading but the heading should be large and all in one place on the site. The task flow is not efficient as there is no easy buttons to go back to the main page were to make the reservation. To improve this there should be a breadcrumb bar above the page that directs user back to the main page. The wordings are short and at times not clear as they are hidden in the page until the cursor is hovering over it. To improve this they could put the wording above the arrows in large font in order to be readable for the user. There is no area for keyword searches to take place on the site. Having a search option is necessary as it allows user to find in the site specialized content.

The site’s language that the site uses is easy to understand.  The graphics, icons and symbols are for the most part easy to understand. Their clicker icon should instead be a regular curser versus a cow as it is difficult to use as when clicking it requires the usually figure to be clicked on the top left. They need to keep it simply and plain white background for easy reading and for fast downloading. The text in the website is legible. They could use a sans serif, Arial or Verdana to give the wording a clean crisp look. The text formatting and layout doesn’t support a user to scan the page easily.  To improve the layout and text formatting is to setup the home page into three columns and organizing all the important information up front for easy skimming capability, to keep the user interested. The space is used appropriately to an extended as it is not all cluster together. The space could be maximizing by having in pictures of the hotel and where it is located in the main page.  Form fields and interactive elements are placed in the pages logically. The interactive elements should be simpler and label clearly as that is not as easily recognizable at first until the cursor is over it. The interactive elements do behave as expected but it could be improve by having less elements because too much distracts the user. The site does accommodate the user range of hand eye coordination.

The site does not present its privacy and security policies in the context except in the link to make the reservation. They should at least have its privacy and security page available on every place on the bottom. There are no clues as to the location except for that it is located in the heart of Zurich and the address on the bottom of the page. The site functionality does provide clear feedback as response to user action. An improvement could be to make the site simpler to improve loading time. The site does not provide contextual support, except for a number to call.  A F.A.Q section should be added to provide rapid answers to common questions. The site does not avoid and recover easily from errors as other sites do as the site takes time to realize how to go back to the previous page.  This could be fixed by providing a link to go back to the main page. The site performs well in the sense that user can use the essential buttons easily and it does not have any know glitches. They should research other competitor’s site and make changes to attract more customers.